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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 22, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EST

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steelers. 20 people dead after storms tears through the south. what the front has in store. why it's going to be longer, your news in 30 seconds. . this is fox 29 news at 10:00 get your umbrellas and rain
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coats. heavy rain moving into the area. same system bringing rain is also picking -- packing high winds could bring down trees and power lines, roads damp. live look at the ben franklin bridge. you need the wipers and headlights and caution, this is a big nor'easter making its way up the east coast >> i'm lucy noland, fortunately warm enough that the precipitation we're seeing will be for most of it. what's interesting here, is that one year ago on this very night, another major nor'easter was slamming philadelphia. that night, as much as two feet of snow fell in some place, meteorologist is here to tell us what exactly we're dealing with this time around. kathy? >> this time, it's all going to be liquid in the delaware valley but snow is possible as you head toward the poconos, believe it or not. you can see on ultimate doppler we have waves of light rain moving in this is the wind direction persistent east,
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northeasterly wind. that will be a major issue tomorrow. it's not a nor'easter yet but moving off the eastern sea board along the midatlantic and it will inintensefy. that's when we will be feeling the impact. futurecast shows the rain will be moving in during morning hours, you see oranges and yellows tomorrow into the evening commute and we will be feeling the impact of that storm. we do have a wind advisory in the philadelphia area for winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. a high wind warning down the shore. gusts to around 60 miles an hour and a coastal flood watch. these areas could be seeing big wind and also the potential for flooding even power outages. we'll talk more about that coming up later in the broadcast. but this is the first big storm of the entire season. it's mainly rain. >> thank you. at least 18 people have died in the southeast after a weekend
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of severe weather, tornados and heavy rain. raf advantaging georgia, mississippi. not over yet. hail, more tornados and damaging winds. nearly 5 million people living in high risk areas for the next round. breaking news, let's get to philadelphia international airport. united airlines has lifted a nationwide ground stop. it has thousands of people missing flights. fox 29 sabina kuriakose joins us from the airport. sabina? >> reporter: some people here at philadelphia international airport tell me they were stuck on the tarmac hours, one woman told me that she was finally able to take cigarette break after having been on the plane, she said her flight had been scheduled to take off around 6:00. now, again, as you mentioned this was a nationwide stop on all domestic flights, uniteds nowing the compute glitch around 8:00. that was after passengers told us they had been waiting hours
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on social media. frustrated customers venting anger with the airline. united lifted the ground stop but still the confusion had some passengers on edge about their flight. >> makes me worried that my flight is going to get cancelled and i'll lose more time. hopefully that doesn't happen because i haven't talked to anybody since i made the reservation. hopefully they call me or e-mail me if something changes. like i said, i haven't seen or spoken to anybody. >> reporter: united blamed the issue on anyone internal it problem they didn't specify to us exactly what that may have been. and didn't talk exactly how many passengers had been affected. again, although the stoppage had been lifted. some delays remain as airline officials try to get the delayed planes in the air. lucy back to you.
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>> you can tell how windy it is in her shot. new jersey shore bracing for flooding strong wind and power outages. at the same time, rush hour on delaware river bridges could be messy >> what travel conditions may be like. joins us live under the bridge that connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. >> reporter: iain this isn't good. the pennsylvania turnpike commission saying tomorrow expect extreme delays. the road is closed behind me. they continue to try to investigate what caused a crack in the turnpike bridge. it actually lowered the bridge by an inch or two. tomorrow will be the first morning rush hour without the bridge and with the bad weather, drivers being urged to come up with a backup plan. >> potential for rain and heavy
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wind enough to make for a slow mute. now a massive detour 42,000 vehicles daily use the bridge over the turnpike with the delaware closed indefinitely after a crew discovered this crack in a steel trust. engineers stabilized the bridge and will spend two weeks evaluating how to fix it with the actually repair potentially keeping the bridge closed for a month or longer. these big rigs normally wouldn't be parked here. some of the truckers. like leave butler who covers 48 states are looking for detours but >> the roads around here and the weight limits going to cause major problems for the trucks getting in and out of jersey, philadelphia, and this here came out of ohio on the way to trenton, and now have to go ten miles farther. >> reporter: as a result, expect big backups at other nearby crossings including the burlington bristol bridge, i95, route one and lower trenton
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>> we're looking at probably pretty long delays. that's really what we are pushing people to consider their options. >> reporter: monday was a potential for 60 miles an hour wind gusts and three inches of rain closer to the coast. slightly lesser amounts along the i95 corridor. power crews are on stand by in case of outages and emergency preparedness teams are waiting for coastal flooding. tomorrow would be a good day to step in ray's shoes on a mini vacation >> even a rainy day by the ocean is a good day to me. >> reporter: the turnpike commission launched a new feature on the website. in hopes of keeping drivers up to date as the work continues. it could be a long run without the use of the bridge. you can find the link, to the pennsylvania turnpike website on our website at iain and lucy >> busy night breaking news out of texas. officers responded to a shooting
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at the roling oaks mall. ten men robbing a jewelry store inside the mall. the two ran off. one shot a person who tried to stop them. that person died. the robber kept on shooting. of san antonio police chief said another man carrying a licensed concealed weapon shot one of the robbers. that robbers is now arrested. the other did get away. shooting as he ran and the manhunt is underway for him. >> we had a massive field of people. >> this was largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. >> why the president asked the white house press secretary to come out in front of the podium and utter a falsehood >> press secretary gave facts. >> the point is not the crowd sites. the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize this president instead of talking about how
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many people showed up at his inauguration. >> there was a million, million and a half people. >> talking about how many people are going to stay in the middle class and move into the middle class. >> i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> president donald trump's battle with the media continues and after yesterday's massive women's protest. the surrogates took to the sunday talk shows to debate the numbers. our joyce evans is here now and joyce only two days into the presidency and the tensions on the rise >> the gloves are off. right out of the gate in his first official visit to the cia headquarters, president donald trump spent part of his address claiming the media created false perceptions one about his butting heads with the intelligence community, and two, about how many people showed up at his inauguration. >> honestly, looked like a million and a half people >> the white house called a news briefing saturday night. fuming over the photos used to compare the crowd attending
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president obama's 2009 inauguration with the crowd attending president donald trump's swearing in friday. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in a way in one particular tweet to minimize the enormous support that it gathered on the national mall. this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. both in person and around the globe. >> reporter: sean spicer also claimed metro ridership proved the point. even though the transit agency said it serviced more riders at both of president obama's inauguration >> you're saying it's a falsehood and our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. but the point being that >> alternative facts for the five facts he uttered? >> four to five facts he uttered. >> reporter: the senior advisor kellyanne conway defended the statement >> there were hundreds of
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thousands of people. more importantly 31 million people watched. >> reporter: no official crowd estimates from the national park service. nielson tv ratings say nearly 31 million viewers tuned in to watch. joining larger ratings than obama in '13 but fewer than the 2009 inauguration at 38 million viewers. >> the point is not at the crowd sites. the point is that the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize this president one day. >> reporter: chuck schumer said it's time the president focuses on policy >> president donald trump has to realize he's not campaigning, he's president. instead of talking about how many people showed up, he ought to be talking about how many people are going to stay in the middle class and move into the middle class >> a statement tributed to former cia director john brennan
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after the president's visit to the cia said he was saddened and angered. he went on to say that trump should be ashamed of himself. the first official white house briefing with reporter questions is scheduled for tomorrow. we're going to go see how that goes >> i can imagine, thank you. spicer is likely going to face questions about the numbers for the women's march. tonight the metro system tweeted more than a million trips were taken. on friday, the day of president donald trump's inauguration only 570,000 were taken. according do new data released by researchers at the university of denver and connecticut, more than 3 million people took part in women's marches across the united states making it the largest demonstration in u.s. history. hours after the marches, president donald trump responded to the rallies writing on his personal twitter account this morning, quote, watched protests yesterday but was under the impression we just had an election.
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why didn't these people vote? celebrities hurt cause badly. some people lucky to be alive after tornados ripped through the south. >> tornados sirens >> poor people aren't out of the woods yet >> another butting young star cut down in the prime of his career, community that loved to watch ventura and remembering him tonight. a patriot fan takes a prank too far. showing loyalty. what he did to forced a hotel evacuation and why he left in handcuffs. it's an hispanic day, 800,000 people expected to decedent >> there's going to be a lot in the city of philadelphia and several marches protest plan >> imagine what this moment must be like. >> look at all the press. god bless america.
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. delaware county detectives are looking for clues, police say they found a victim, 28-year-old kyle watson on 6th and magnolia around 5:00. someone shot him in the head medics pronounced him dead at the scene. happening right now, parked to the south devastated georgia's governor declared a state of emergency after a tornado killed at least 18, residents are bracing for more storms. jonathan is in georgia with more on the devastation tonight. >> reporter: more dangerous weather taking aim at the southeast. and apparently tornado leveled numerous mobile homess before dawn near adell georgia. homes destroyed, power out debris scattered and resources stretched thin. georgia governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties. many are dead. mostly in cook county where residents awoke to heavy damage
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and devastation >> i never heard a tornado syrian >> this started saturday afternoon. the violent weather is also being blamed for deaths in mississippi. where early estimates show more than 300 homes and 30 businesses were damaged. >> got to stay strong. >> reporter: more than 200 reports of severe weather and more than two dozen reports of tornados. in louisiana numerous reports of heavy damage. texas tania baker showing cell phone footage shot by the contractor building her new house less than two miles away after another possible tornado destroyed three homes. at the white house, president donald trump expressed condolences to those affected by the extreme weather >> tornados were vicious and powerful and strong. they suffered greatly. we'll be helping out the state of georgia. >> reporter: crews have already gun work.
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reinstating utility policy. you can see from all of the devastation behind me, it's going to take residents and property owner as long time to pick up all the pieces in cook county, jonathan saarry fox news a gaping hole swallowed two car in fishtown barack obama was president. two dozen residents got their gas back donald trump was prescott. took two weeks for those repair, the sewers is back up and running after one large water main break. twoberglers take thousands of dollars in jewels and cash, the owners calling it a crime of opportunity. jennifer joyce explains what made it easier for the criminals to get in and get away. >> reporter: crews are patching set up a large hole in the back wall of a building bashed in by burglars. overnight the surveillance shows
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two people with faces hands covered creeping around the store in northeast philadelphia. the owners' brother tells us the sneaky suspects cut utility wires before entering through the back. then in a matter of minutes, swiped several gold necklaces from display cases and cash with damage estimates between 10 and 20 grand. the owner's family members say this is the type of jewelry that was stolen by the burglars. they dropped these pieces of gold on their way out of the store. the relatives did not want to go on camera but said this is the first time the store has been hit by thieves since it opened 20 years ago. why now? people associated with the store think this note on front door may be to blame. the owners announced they were taking a month-long vacation but they're back and preparing to reopen this week. they're hoping that with the release of this video and the help of the philly pd, the
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burglars will be out of business and under arrest. jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. in voorhees, police trying to figure out why a driver swerved off the road, crashed and died. police say a range rover veered off of gibbsboro road. by the time police and medics got there. the driver was dead. nobody else in the car, police are not releasing the driver's identity. man arrested in the stabbing death of his 70-year-old grandmother in southwest philadelphia. police say the 29-year-old man was taken into custody after returning them to where the woman was murdered. police were called to the unidentified woman's home early yesterday along the 7900 blown of caesar place. someone heard the woman and when police got there, they found her stabbed several times. in center city police arrested a homeless main they say assaulted a transgender woman near philadelphia city hall. we first showed you video last night of the man police were
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looking for, they have not released his name but arrested him this morning at the frankford terminal wearing the same clothing. friday afternoon, the victim recorded this video after she said the man used slurs and punched her. residents are rattled in boston after hearing two explosions from homemade bombs, what police say the bombs were targeting >> there were nervous moments after the driver got caught in a flash flood. how rescuers kept them from being swept away.
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. dramatic rescue caught on video after two guys got trapped in a flooded creek.
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video from the phoenix area fire department show the watered flowing over the car they were able to call 911 and rescue crews got there anchored the car so it wouldn't be swept away. took them about two hours to get both men out there. they're doing fine. police in boston are relieved. >> finally arsoned the person targeting cruiserers with homemade bombs, people said they heard a lot of explosion. according to police, someone left a device under a patrol car. it went off, nobody hurt. boston police say the situation obviously could have been much worse. >> they moved the cruiser out of there quickly and sharply after the tank exploded >> someone set this deliberately, thank god we were able to get anyone out of the way >> prosecutors charge
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42-year-old with possession of an explosive device and assault with at me to murder. tragic news in the sports community today as major league baseball says an unexpected good-bye to pitcher ventura the kansas city royals was killed in dominican republic. he spent four seasons with the royals including the championship in 2015. the kansas city community is mourning his loss tonight. >> obviously, we're not only with in his heart. and you saw him fight for his team. literally >> the stadium lowered its flags to half staff to honor him. a man who managed to slip away from new jersey state police after they say he stole from the casino is back in custody, where they caught up with him. a patriot fan took a prank a little too far.
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what he did force add whole evacuation lent him in handcuffs. a storm system still in the deep south bringing rain and be wind and severe weather. now redeveloping off the midatlantic into an intense nor'easter. what this means for us tonight, tomorrow and into tuesday coming up. flush
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. daniel new new man back in state police. he managed to slip away and run off into the woods earlier this morning, police caught up 12 hours later at a fast food restaurant in mays landing, not clear if he'll face additional charges. ten month investigation paid off. tonight the new jersey state police say they have got 12 members of the gang off the street. police say these men controlled a drug network in newark, new jersey. part of an infamous gang that stretchs from shore to shore. they range from 18 to 39 and face a long list of charges a beer recall has been issued across 36 states including pennsylvania and new jersey. nevada brewing company said certain 12 ounce bottles of its appeal ails have been recalled after a package flaw detected. it flaw could cause a piece of glass to break into the bottle. the beers were packaged between
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december 5 and january 13th of 2017 families had new feline friends, a big turnpike at the pennsylvania spca feline frenzy. brought a lot of kittens and cats for people to meet and hopefully adopt. a couple of puppies as well. they had a lot of incentive. they were offering 50% off all adoption fees. on your radar tonight, this is what it looked like one year tonight outside. remember this? the snow started and can't stop more than two feet fell. tonight we're talking about another need of >> no snow with this one, kathy. snow in the poconos. you know what's interesting about this? it's a nor'easter also. we have the wind. we have the wind component. we just don't have the real cold. so it's a rain storm. it's a big rain storm. and it is still a very big deal.
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you can look outside. old city, the roads are wet with waves of light rain and drizzle. wind picking up. temperature 47 philadelphia. look at this wind direction out of the north northeast and that will increase in intensity in allentown still 50. 48 in millville, dover and even in cape may. look at these wind gusts out of the north northeast. 31 miles an hour, that's in writestown 32 miles an hour gust that wildwood and on twitter, i've been told in cape may winds gusting to at least 30 miles an hour. so it's beginning to build from east toward the west philadelphia gusting to 24 miles an hour already. so it is a developing nor'easter. moves off the coast and intensifies during the day and moves in the northeasterly direction. the colder air will bring snow to the poconos and new york and new england. one to two inches across most of philadelphia up to three inches of rain down the shore and for the delaware beaches.
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inland gusts in the philadelphia area, south jersey and suburbs up to 50 miles an hour along the shore and the coast, we're looking at gusts to 60 miles an hour. those are like strong tropical storm force gusts and localized power outages. you can see the difference from north to south in the poconos rain, sleet and also snow philadelphia one to two inches. in atlantic city two and a half maybe three inches of rain. here your gusts tomorrow morning out of the east-northeast at 36 miles an hour in philadelphia. 43 down the shore. 18 as we work our way through the day, these winds intensify in the afternoon, gusting close to 60 even into cumberland county and stay strong into the nighttime hours. best chance of seeing power outages will be through south jersey and also central and southern delaware. please be aware of this. secure anything outdoors because it's going to be blowing around. we have the coastal flood advisory down the shore big
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impacts delaware beaches talking about street flooding at times of high tied, two, three inches of rain and significant beach erosion with this nor'easter. so in the city overnight. 41 the suburbs 39. areas of fog, also rain and increasing wind tomorrow 42 periods of rain heavy in the afternoon and the potential for damage it's winds. as you look ahead, from the weather authority, morning rain could linger on tuesday and a mix part of the north and west, wednesday looks like the best day. good day to get out. thursday partly sunny, friday, mostly sunny. staying sunny and seasonally chilly for saturday and sunday as we round out the month, temperatures are going to stay on the mild side. doesn't look like many chances for snow through the end of january. send it to you. >> ok by me. in boston, a guy is facing misdemeanor charges, pulled a prank against the steelers,
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25-year-old harrison was arrested and charged after police say he set off the fire alarm at the hotel. the steelers were staying at. maybe one of the reasons he lost the game. he pulled the alarm around 3:40. forced the entire team to evacuate. he's now facing several charges including disturbing the peace. harrison out of jail on just $100 bail. i don't understand why, you know? come on. >> that's what happened. i believe the steelers had that happen a few times. it's unbelievable. maybe it's one of the are thats they lost. anyway. >> there is that. >> that will do it for us on the fox 29 news at 10:00. keep it here for sports sunday. ♪ >> this is fox 29 sports sunday. >> that will be celebrated in new england. trust me. everyone is loving him right now. weekend with a flat-out bust.
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there was a whole lot hype. gary cob will join me and the simple match-up. flyers trying to stop the bleeding. they need late game heroics against the islanders to have it done. coming up next on sports sunday.


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